Frequent Q&A

What is Vein Recognition Technology?

Vein Recognition Technology uses the near-infrared scanner to capture the vasculature pattern images beneath your skin and compares the scanning results with the registered records in the system.

How is Vein Recognition better than Fingerprint Scanning?

Unlike fingerprints, vasculature is located beneath the skin making it impossible to fabricate. Also, Vein Recognition isn't affected or interfered by dirt, moisture, oil, skin damage or any other skin condition.

Why is Vein Recognition Technology crucial on a gun safe?

People sweat a lot more under stressful and intense situations and when facing a life-threatening emergency, it is crucial to have a gun safe that you can count on.

How long do regular batteries last?

Under regular circumstances, high quality batteries are sufficient for6-8months usage. Please note that batteries are not included for safety reasons.

How long does it take to receive my order?

MAXSafes uses Amazon FBA shipping to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience. All orders within the United States will be processed within 24 hours and it usually takes3-5business days for delivery.

Does my product come with warranty?

All MAXSafes products are eligible for our Free MAX+ Lifetime Warranty. After receiving your safe, fill out the warranty registration form (link and your warranty will be activated.

Can I register the same finger multiple times to improve accuracy?

Yes, we recommend registering the safe finger at slightly different angles for maximum reliability.

Can it register more than one person’s finger?

Yes, any MAXSafes product can store up to 50 different Vein IDs for multiple users.

Does the sensor use near-infrared light?

Yes, near-infrared light is used to recognize the veins in your finger.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!